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Since 1962, Yeung’s has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of gift and premium merchandise to the amusement, tourist, sport and corporate world. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Yeung’s operates printing, plastic and metal manufacturing plants in mainland China. With over 50 years of gifts making experience, Yeung’s has supplied well over billions of quality merchandise worldwide. At Yeung’s, products quality and customer service is our top priority. We aim at not only meeting, but exceeding customer’s expectations.

Licensing & Brand Building 

Added to the long-history OEM core business is the licensing venture: Yeung’s various famous brand names, playing the role of licensor, licensee and licensing agent.


Complete End-to-End Solutions

From product concept to delivery, Yeung's provides the most comprehensive product fulfillment solutions in the industry. Our talented customer-service experts work closely with you to develop the best program for your needs.

Cost Competitiveness

Yeung's is dedicated to delivering the best value-for-money merchandise solutions in the industry. As owner / operators of China based manufacturing plants, we have not only eliminated the middle man cost, but have gone even a step further by developing a cost-management system designed to pass the benefits of our economies of scale and consolidated procurements directly to our customers. As a result, customers can be assured when doing business with Yeung's the pricing received is one of the industry’s most competitive!

Custom Made Products

With low minimum quantities and an easy ordering process, Yeung's can create custom merchandise of any image or design you want. And if don't have a design idea yet, without any additional charge, our highly talented and experienced design-team will be more than happy to develop a custom product to your specifications.

Highest Quality

Product quality is our first priority. As owner/operators of our manufacturing facilities, we maintain the strictest control over production process. Accordingly, we developed an extremely demanding quality control system that applies to each and every stage of the production process. It is our utmost promise that only the highest quality products will be shipped to our customers.

Prompt Delivery

Yeung's understands the importance of delivery time and is committed to assuring prompt delivery of your products. Accordingly, our customer service experts work closely with you to secure the best delivery options to meet your needs.


In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Yeung's has a Sourcing Division which has established a vast network of China based manufactures for any product requirement you can think of. Our active vendor base includes over 2000 factories, covering all gift and premium items categories. Because of the size of our network plus our preferred trading relationships, customers can be assured of receiving the best pricing and most efficient service possible. Moreover, before any sourced product is shipped, our quality control team travels throughout the mainland inspecting the products and making certain all products comply with the AQL standards of quality.